It’s over

The girl I’ve been talking to this year has came around and told that she is feeling two other guys. Now lets back up a bit and let me say that she has told me in the past that there has been other guys she likes and these dudes have been all over her.

I’m the kind of guy that ill go after you and if you like me, then we can go from there. But i do not drown you in texts or just trying to win you over. If you like me, you’ll show it.

SOOOOOOO tonight i told her how i felt about everything. She told me that she thought whe- 

FUCK IT. I’m upset right now, not because i’m mad, but it’s like….

It’s over. I did my best and i’m proud of that. I grew with the help of god through out this. 

We are still friends and i’m happy that we are. I’m not going to try to win her over or anything, but rather be a fucking friend. If she needs help or to vent about whatever guys she is talking to then ill help. I’f she wants someone to hang out with, i’ll try to help out. 

It’s over and now i’m going to stay the fuck away from dating anyone for a while. Yall girls are cray cray.